Class Schedule

2020 Winter Term Classes - Monday, January 6th through to Friday, April 3rd


Class Definitions

What is a Reformer Class? A well rounded, full body workout using spring based machines. Strength and flexibility training for the entire body.

What is a Combo Class? The best of all classes wrapped into one. A combo class will offer a combination of mat work, reformer work and jump boarding throughout the term.

What is Restorative Mat? A class suitable for beginners and experienced clients with a focus on essential level exercises. Speed of transitions, cueing and flow is moderate.

What is Jump Board Intervals? The Jumpboard is used throughout the class with timed jumping intervals. There is a strong cardio and leg component to this class.

What is a Mat Class? Strength and flexibility conditioning exercises performed on a cushioned mat. A strong focus on abdominals, spine mobility and inner thighs.

What is Fletcher Fusion Class? Classes are a mixture of Fletcher Towelwork, Barrework and Floorwork. Breath acts as the main focal point to guide movement, target the core and to progress coordination with a higher body awareness. The Saturday beginners class is a great introduction to Fletcher Pilates with no equipment or experience needed. The Intermediate class is for those who have some experience. Find more information at

What is a PiYo Class? PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core strengthening benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility benefits of Yoga. It is delivered with music at a speed that will improve your cardio and overall fitness. Suitable for clients who want to feel challenged in a high-intensity, low-impact fitness class.