Defining Pilates

It offers a full body workout that is low impact on your joints. 

Your muscles will be become more toned and your flexibility will be improved.

Your bone density, posture, balance and co-ordination will improve.

Improvements to your core stability, postural alignment and flexibility will make you less susceptible to future injury.

Pilates can improve circulation and range-of-motion in your joints.

Pilates heightens your own body awareness by using a strong mind-body connection.

Pilates complements any existing training or fitness routine.


Pilates can be for all ages, genders and fitness levels. If you are new to Pilates and want more information please schedule a visit. 

Do you Run?

Running gets you into cardiovascular shape but can also cause certain muscles to become overused. Pilates will help to lesson such muscular imbalances by strengthening deep stabilizing muscles helping long distance runners avoid unwelcome injuries. Pilates also teaches proper alignment of the body (truck, pelvis, shoulder girdle) to improve a runners posture while running.

Do you Swim?

As a swimmer much of your training focuses on the outside musculature system. Pilates is excellent for developing inside stabilizing muscles - your deep abdominal muscles and your muscles closest to your spine. Pilates also teaches proper alignment of your shoulders, pelvis and spine so your body is balanced and aligned in the water.

Do you play Golf or Tennis?

Improved core strength, balance, hip rotation, range of motion in the shoulders and a stronger back will lead to a more powerful shot and hopefully more precise as well. Pilates also incorporates rotational exercises to help you achieve better balance and alignment while rotating into your swing.

Do you Skate?

Pilates is such an effective way to strengthen essential muscles of your core. This helps a skater balance when maneuvering on edges and enables them to transfer their weight with control and precision. Skaters who cross train with Pilates gain better posture, increased flexibility, better breathing techniques and overall toning of mid-section muscles.